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Wood shredder and more from Hoerstel – our shredding technology

Waste wood is no rubbish! On the contrary: wooden shreds and waste wood are suited very well for heating and are also preferably used in the wood-processing industry. We, the team of the Masur Energiesysteme GmbH from Hoerstel, are your experts for high-performance shredding technology. Whether wood shredder, horizontal shredder or other devices – we certainly have a suitable technology for you ready.

High-performance shredding machines for every demand:

  • Wood shredder:
    Our wood shredder offers the optimum solution for small and middle throughput performance. Particularly the compact shredder of our A series provides extensive application possibilities for the wood-processing craft. The full-automatically running wood shredder is equipped with impulse engines of 11 to 18.5 kW. The material pressure to the guts roller occurs via a hydraulic racketeer. The pushing pressure is adjusted by a control dependent on-load, so that a fully automatic shredding process is given. Wearing parts are easy to reach and can be turned easily. The granulate material size is determined by the sieve hole diameter
  • Universal shredder:
    Beside wood shredders, we also offer you universal shredders, ideal for chopping up of packaging rubbish and waste wood. The slow-running, quiet machine is equipped with big charging hoppers, impulse engines with 11 to 75 kW and a no-load approach in the star triangle. The control cabinet is wired by default, IP-54-protected and receives reverse control, interval timer and an operating hours counter. The guts knives are slightly accessible and turnable, moreover, they are widely insensible when it comes to nails and metal clips. Also here the granulate material size can be determined by the sieve hole diameter. Funnel’s enlargement, metal separators as well as disposal about the tape, snail etc. is possible among other things on inquiry.
  • Horizontal shredder:
    Our horizontal shredders fascinate by a robust construction method and a solid technology. The horizontal shredder essentially consists of a rack with a suitable infeed conveyor (optionally). The feed works with the support of the infeed conveyor and the feed rollers. The pace is steered dependent on material and dependent on load, a fully-automatic shredding process is possible. The control cabinet is built by a standard according to the valid VDE regulations. Wearing parts can be also reached here easily and turned. The low power demand and modular manufacturing allow an excellent price-performance-ratio. The control-technical expiry can be furnished individually.
  • Hydraulic cutters:
    Our HC series machines are hydraulically powered scissors made in a stable, compact construction method. It serves the suspension of wood, chip records, MDF-as well as HDF stripes and similar materials.
    The main area of application is about panel cuttings with which waste stripes must be automatically decontaminated. The supply to the hydraulic cutters occurs normally via conveyor belts or vibration conveyors which you can also pursue from us. Tact time and distribution speed determine the length of the shear off pieces. The shearing strength of max. 6500 daN is generated with a hydraulic cylinder, temperature, oil filling state and strain control facilities provide for a proper service.

If you would like to get more information on wood shredders, shearing machines and so on, you can get in touch with us any time. Please contact our team of specialists in Hoerstel – we are looking forward to getting your inquiry!